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USAC HPD Midget Asphalt & Dirt Division Driver, Adam Lemke, Joins Race Face Brand Development

“Race Face Brand Development is excited to have Adam Lemke join our family of drivers.  Keep a close eye on this young driver,” states Rod Wortham Founder and CEO.  It was recently announced by Mr. Wortham, that 15-year old Adam Lemke has joined the Race Face Brand Development Driver Program.

Adam Lemke, of Hollister California, wanted to race at an early age.  He started racing quarter-midgets at the age of nine, after his father bought him his first Quarter Midget.  Since starting his racing career in 2011, he hasn’t looked back.  The fast-driving youngster has racked up numerous local track, regional and series championships. “Adam has amassed an outstanding racing bio at such an early age, and we are excited to be a major part of his racing future,” states Wortham.

Currently, the young Lemke competes in the WSRA Mini Cups and USAC HPD Midgets.  Throughout the year, Adam can be found at various tracks including: Madera Speedway, Stockton 99 Speedway, and All American Speedway.  When asked about his biggest racing accomplishment so far in his career, he proudly states, “The first annual Rich Klitzing Memorial Race.”  Look for Adam in a late model later this year!

Adam finished 2016 with a phenomenal record; he became the overall California Mini Cup Champion.  He competed in 12 Mini Cup races during the 2016 season, and of those races, Adam won 10 Trophy Dashes and 9 Main Events.

About Adam Lemke: At age 9, he had played soccer and other sports, but really wanted to race. So, in 2011, Adam started practicing and progressed into a talented driver winning numerous races and collecting a few fast times over the years. He has run four classes in Quarter Midgets: Senior Honda, Senior Animal, Light 160, and World Formula. He has had many hours behind the wheel and competed in many National Quarter Midget events over the years. In 2015, the young driver was looking for a new challenge and purchased a Mini Cup. He was able to compete in two Mini Cup races in 2015 and competed in the Mini Cup series in 2016.  Also in 2016, Adam took the wheel behind his HPD Midget for a few races and in 2017 he will be driving his HPD Midget in both asphalt and dirt division, racing in 33 events.

"Adam has amassed an outstanding racing bio at such an early age, and we are excited to be a major part of his racing future,"


Career Highlights:

• 2013 – Rookie of the Year California Monza Series: 2nd Sr. Honda; 3rd Light 160; Good times Club Series: 2nd Light 160; 3rd Sr. Honda; Baylands Club Series: 1st Light 160; 3rd Sr. Honda; *Numerous race wins & fast track times during each series.

• 2014 – California Monza Series: 4th Light 160; 2nd Sr. Animal; Good Times Club Series: 2nd Light 160; 3rd Sr. Honda; 4th Sr. Animal; *Numerous race wins & fast track times during each series.

• 2015 – Winter Nationals: 2nd Sr. Animal; Grands-Baylands: 4th World Formula; Good Times Galante Memorial: 1st Sr. Animal; California Monza Series: 3rd Sr. Animal; 4th Light World Formula; 4th Light 160; Good Times Club Series: 2nd Light 160;

• 2016 – Seventeen (17), 1st Place finishes, various main events & trophy dashes; Overall California Mini Cup Champion; K&N Pro Series Mini Cup Feature Winner; Three (3), 2nd Place finishes, HPD Midget & INEX Points Race Outlaw;

• 2017 – Five (5), 1st Place finishes (Bandolero), INEX Outlaw Main; INEX Outlaw Champion;

Media Contact: Rod Wortham     Email:      Ph: (727) 807-3359 x 403